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Private Pilot Course

UFS provides private pilot training in accordance with FAA regulations. These regulations dictate the following requirements for the private pilot certificate:

Eligibility Requirements

  • 17 years of age (16 years of age to solo)
  • Valid FAA third class medical prior to solo
  • Pass the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test (written exam)
  • Pass the FAA Private Pilot Practical Flight Test (the oral exam and checkride)
  • People are often surprised at just how easy it is to start flying. In fact, so easy that you could schedule today and fly tomorrow. To get started just give us a call or stop by-- its that easy.

    The private pilot course can be broken down into three phases of training. The first phase of training involves preparing you to eventually take the controls of the airplane as the sole occupant. "Your first solo." This takes approximately 12-18 hours, consists of learning basic maneuvers you need to know to fly by yourself. Before this phase is completed you must visit one of the local medical flight examiners and obtain a medical/student pilot certificate.

    After your first solo, you move on to phase two which consists of learning to fly from point "A" to point "B", or otherwise known as cross country flight. You will spend some time with an instructor learning the cross-country skills you will need to make your first solo cross-country. At this point during your training you will have received all the ground instruction needed to take the FAA written examination.

    The last phase is the final preparation to take an oral and flight exam with a FAA designated examiner. This is also known as the "practical" and when successfully completed, you will be issued your Private Pilot License.

    Here at United Flight Systems we pride ourselves on having a greater than 90% first time pass rate which is exceptional when compared to national averages of 60% to 70%. Once the test is successfully completed, you are now a newly licensed private pilot able to exercise the privileges of that certificate. This means you can fly with passengers for pleasure wherever and whenever you choose to go.

    Our experience has shown that the required minimum flight time of 40 hours does not project a realistic time frame of preparation for the Private Pilot Certificate. Over the years the average completion time of our students has been approximately 50 hours of flight experience. Beware of schools that quote prices based on minimum times only. These schools will most likely only be interested in training you to meet the minimum requirements and are going to cut corners in their approach towards those minimums. You should be looking for the best flight training available, not the minimum.

    United Flight System's Private Pilot Course costs average around $8,000*.

    *Here at United Flight Systems, we train our pilots to be at "maximum proficiency, not minimum standards." Individual costs may vary.

    UFS will provide the best maintained aircraft, best facilities, and most professional instructors in the southern USA.


    If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a Discovery Flight, please feel free to email us or call us at 281-376-0357.