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Jeanne's Pilot Supply

The ONLY Full Service Pilot Shop at David Wayne Hooks Airport

Jeanne's Pilot Supply Shop is your pilot supply store for the Hooks airport for the professional and private pilots for 25 years. Our experienced staff and certified flight instructors are skilled at choosing only the best aviation equipment for our well-stocked store.

We carry such things as Van Heusen pilot shirts, ties, shoulder boards and more. We have pilot sunglasses (Serengeti), flight bags, including the incredibly popular BrightLine Bag, and all varieties of carrying cases.

For the student pilots we carry a large selection of planning material, training aids, computers and support equipment.

We also carry a huge selection of books, DVDs and CDs as well as e-books.  We have all the FAA testing material from Private to ATP, both written and electronic.  We stock both the Gleim and ASA books/CD testing material.

Finally, we stock ALL (well, practically) NOAA IFR and VFR charts that can get you from Los Angeles to Bangor. Sectionals, low enroutes, terminal procedures and AFDs.  If you need them and we don't have them we can usually get them by overnight delivery.

Call us today. Remember, if you need it, we probably carry it