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Instrument Rating Course

UFS provides instrument rating training in accordance with FAA regulations. These regulations dictate the following requirements for an instrument rating:

Eligibility Requirements

  • 17 years of age
  • Hold at least a current Private Pilot Certificate
  • Valid FAA third class medical
  • Pass the FAA Instrument Rating written exam
  • Pass the FAA Instrument Rating practical flight test
  • An Instrument Rating added on to your private pilot certificate will allow you to fly in weather conditions that would otherwise keep you on the ground. You will find that an Instrument Rating is not only convenient, but can also be quite fun and challenging.

    The Instrument Rating course can be broken down into three phases of training. Phase one is learning how to control the aircraft with reference only to the flight instruments. This includes orientation and navigation with the aircraft's navigation systems. You will also learn how Air Traffic Control works in the instrument environment, how to use instrument charts for planning and flight, and physiological aspects related to instrument flight.

    Once basic instrument skills have been learned, you will begin phase two. Phase two consists of holding patterns and instrument approaches, including circling and missed approach procedures. Holding patterns and instrument approaches will be performed with both full and partial panel techniques. Instrument departure, enroute, and arrival procedures will also be learned.

    The third phase involves learning cross-country procedures for the instrument environment. During this phase, you will take the knowledge that you attained in phase one and two, and apply it. At the end of this phase, you will be able to depart an airport, fly from point A to point B, execute an instrument approach and land safely all while solely by reference to the flight instruments.

    Here at United Flight Systems we pride ourselves on having a greater than 90% first time pass rate which is exceptional when compared to national averages of 60% to 70%.

    United Flight System's Instrument Rating Course costs an average of $12,000*

    *Here at United Flight Systems, we train our pilots to "maximum proficiency, not minimum standards." Individual costs may vary.

    The average cost of the instrument rating does not include the 50 hours of pilot-in-command cross-country time that is required by Part 61.65 of the Federal Aviation Regulations to have been completed prior to the Instrument Practical Test.

    UFS will provide the best maintained aircraft, best facilities, and most professional instructors in the southern USA.

    No longer let those clouds get in your way - take to the sky as an instrument rated pilot!

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email us or call to speak with one of our professional flight instructors at 281-376-0357.