United Flight Systems - Flight Training in Houston

United Flight Systems - Professional Flight Training in Houston

Our Instructors

Dominic Bermudez

Dominic was born and raised in the U.S. Virgin Islands. He came to Houston in the 1990’s and joined the oil and gas industry. After a successful career as a senior commercial diver, he decided to change vocational paths and begin flight training. In 2011, he completed his goal of becoming a flight instructor. Dominic holds a life long dream of flying, looks forward to passing on knowledge gained and helping others in reaching their aviation goals. Certificates held: MEI, CFII, CFI

Byron Clark

Byron was born into an aviation family. His grandfather explored the farms around Lubbock, Texas in a J3 Cub. His father owned a Piper Warrior when Byron was a child and they would often fly together. His father is now a 737 captain with United Airlines. After receiving a degree in Geography from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, Byron earned his PPL from United Flight Systems in 2010. After a short but unfulfilling career in the oil field industry, Byron returned to UFS to attend flight school full time and earn his instrument and commercial ratings. He earned his CFI ratings at one of those "other" schools, but returned to UFS to start his career as a CFI. In his free time, Byron loves spending time outdoors hiking with his girlfriend, riding motorcycles, boating, hunting, and fishing.

Justin Meeks

Justin was born in Georgia but also spent his childhood living with his family in Florida, Chicago, and the Netherlands before moving to Texas in 2004. He has always had a love for aviation, but a trip to an Air Force summer camp at Warner Robbins AFB piqued his interest in becoming a pilot. As a teenager, a birthday gift of a flight with a pipeline pilot around RWJ airfield confirmed his desire to make aviation his career. After completing his private certificate and instrument rating, he found his way to UFS in 2013 to obtain his commercial certificate. He also received his instructor certifications through Gary Kruger’s CFI course. Justin enjoys meeting new people and learning from their experiences and looks forward to helping others reach their goals here at UFS. When not in the air, he is thinking of ways to expand his flying experience. His other interests include cooking, reading, learning different languages and playing guitar and piano.

James Mowad

James was born and raised in nearby The Woodlands, Texas and aviation was in his blood from birth. His grandfather was one of the first Army helicopter instructors at Fort Rucker, Alabama and James' passion for flying was further nurtured by a family friend, a former United Captain. James took his time to pursue his passion of flying and began his education and flying career after graduating from The University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Environmental Science. He finished his ratings at Pilot's Choice Aviation in Georgetown, Texas and moved back home to The Woodlands to be closer to his family. As an Eagle Scout, James loves being outdoors and when he is not flying he can usually be found with his Husky and Labrador on long hikes in the woods. To complete his exploration of the world James also became a certified Master Diver and enjoys scuba diving on holidays. After that, he can usually be found reading a book or following Longhorn Football news.

Eric Schwab

Eric Joseph Schwab was born in Boynton Beach, Florida. He moved to Houston, Texas at the age of 3 when his mother received a job working at Compaq. Eric first fell in love with aviation when his parents would take him to airshows. They also would have competitions on who could make the best paper airplane. At the age of 16, his mother bought him a present he would never forget, a discovery flight at United Flight Systems. He was too busy with school to conduct flight training at that time but the seed was planted. He graduated from Klein High School and enrolled in Lone Star Community College where he received his Associates in Arts. He was also working part time at HEB when one of his co-workers informed him of the flight program with San Jacinto College which was connected to United Flight Systems. From this point forward all he ever thought about was being back up in the sky. When Eric isn’t flying, he shares his love of soccer with his family, going to Houston Dynamo soccer games. He also enjoys hanging out with friends doing various activities such as bowling, going to concerts, and occasionally playing video games.

Noe Gutierrez

Noe was born and raised in Houston, Texas. At a very early age, he found interest in aviation when he and his mother were taking a commercial flight on Southwest Airlines to Chicago. He was terrified to fly, so the flight attendant on the flight to Chicago took him to the flight deck to meet the captain and first officer while in flight. The captain took some time to talk to him and explain some Boeing 737 systems. From that day forward, Noe had a passion for aviation. Noe is the only pilot in his family. For his 16th birthday, his father surprised him with a discovery flight at Weiser Airpark in Cypress. He went on to complete his private license, instrument rating, commercial license and multi-engine rating. He found his way to UFS in 2016 and completed his instructor certificate. When Noe is not flying, he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend going to Rockets, Astros and Texans games. 

Alicia Searls

Alicia grew up in Mariposa, CA, near Yosemite National Park. She moved to Southern California for college, and while attending San Diego State University, Alicia met her husband, Jeremy, who was in the US Navy. In 2006, after getting married and graduating from SDSU, with a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology, she moved to Texas. Her passion of flying began while she flew all across Texas and the country with her husband in their plane. To make her dream a reality, Alicia worked full time at a dental office and took on a part time job at a local FBO in order to obtain her private pilot’s license. She did a lot of her training in North Texas where she obtained her ratings. Eventually, she earned her CFI and CFII with the help of Gary Kruger’s CFI class.Her love of aviation has taken her on multiple cross countries in her Cessna 150, even up to New York, solo! During her free time, Alicia enjoys hanging out with her husband and friends either at the airport, around a good camp fire, or at the gun range.